poor baby bree - photo by Kristine Walsh

Interview and Performance on
WNYC's Soundcheck, March 2012

At The After Party, Laurie Beechman Theater:

"The Donut Song" (1934; Dietrich/Macleod)

"My Little Doll" (1917: A. Buzzi-Peccia/Charles Kingsley)

"In the Spring" (1923; Otvos/MacDonald)

The Vaudephone Project:

"Rose of the Ghetto" (1911; Jerome/Donaghey/Burkhardt)
(more from Vaudephone, prod. and dir. Trav S.D./Jim R. Moore)

At Our Hit Parade, Joe's Pub:

"Don't Stop Believin'" (Journey)

"Dancing on My Own" (Robyn)