poor baby bree - photo by Kristine Walsh

David Hadju, The New Republic

"Miraculous and peculiar. Poor Baby Bree, a transmutation of an imagined pop-culture past, is something new." (Full Article)

Jason Zinoman, New York Times

"A meticulous, charming performance. [Benton's] pluck and innocence belong to another time." (Full Article)

Scott Brown, New York Magazine online

"Dark and quietly demented....Benton explores the tender darkness of turn-of-the-century America: a little bit Meet Me in St. Louis, a little bit Devil in the White City." (Full Article)

James Gavin, Time Out New York

"You may conclude that Bree Benton is not of this time, nor even this world." (Full Article)

Adam Feldman, Time Out New York (Best Cabaret of 2008)

"...an unforgettable collection of forgotten maudlin vaudeville." (Full Article)

Sport Murphy, New York Post

"One of the most hilarious and unexpectedly moving experiences on offer in Auld New Yawk....Don't miss it!" (Full Article)

Ange Mlinko, The Believer

"Cycling from melodrama to farce and back again, the songs and recitatives were artfully curated for effect: they told story after story of waifdom and heartbreak....This aesthetic is what gives her performance its comic delicacy." (Full Article)

Tony Ortega, Village Voice

"Now that times are as hard as in the Panic of 1907, a waif in a rumpled dress with authentic turn-of-the-century tunes could be some kind of metaphor for the humbling moment we find ourselves in. (Full Article)

Drew Gardner, Overlap

"...a strange and riveting hour-and-a-half immersion...where a dauntingly remote choice of materials and an artificiality of presentation collides with a powerful unbroken chain of affect that you can’t take your eyes off for a second. I never once doubted Benton's tears. She is a serious actress performing totally absurd material." (Full Article)

Sharon Mesmer, The Virgin Formica

"Mae Questal meets Mary Ellen Walton. I almost cried when she sang 'Little Pal' to her rag doll." (Full Article)