poor baby bree - photo by Kristine Walsh "Poor Baby Bree's performance is a haunting, deeply touching, spot-on evocation of a moment in the distant theatrical past, yet with a very cool and effortless post-modernist twist. It is also profoundly funny."
-- Charles Busch

"When I first saw Bree it was like being transported into another era. It was astounding. Her voice, her songs about things people just don't sing about anymore, her sadness and cleverness -- it made me laugh and cry at the same time. What an amazing performer!"
-- Laurie Anderson

"A peculiar thing of beauty; like being inside a music box from the turn of the last century. Haunting, hip and unusual."
-- Jackie Hoffman

"The most magnificent cabaret act I have ever seen. Submit to the exquisite musical tragedy that is Poor Baby Bree."
-- Paul Shaffer

"The evenings I’ve spent enjoying Bree and Franklin’s splendid work shine out in my memory. Her performing rises to the level of art, and is best described by that rarely-earned word ‘beguiling.’ Not to be missed."
-- Dick Cavett